The Atwater Group

Meet Faith

Humble Beginnings

As a youngster, my parents were very involved (and still are!) in our town. This included both government and volunteer positions. My mother often wrote copy for newsletters and press releases; as an inquisitive child, I had to read those documents just to see if I could find any errors my mother made! And when I found them, you can bet she heard about it!

Born to Proofread

I have what could be called the proofreader personality. Attentive, perfectionistic, detail-oriented, a book lover - I was born to proofread. I just can’t help myself; everywhere I look there is something calling out to be corrected.

Proofreading is not just a job for me. I find fulfillment in finding errors and correcting them so the message in the document is clear and precise. I love collaborating with authors, encouraging and challenging them.