Looking for a bit more help?  Copy editing may be the answer.  In addition to the proofreading focus, copy editing includes sentence/word adjustments or rewrites as needed to improve readability, flow, and clarity.
Want to see the difference between proofing and copyediting? Here's an example.
     Apostrophes and commas
    Faulty grammar
    Incorrect word usage
    Subject-verb agreement
Proofreading focuses on:
The Atwater Group offers proofreading and editing
services - all at affordable rates.

I use Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" feature so you can see the changes made.  This software also has a "Comment" feature where recommendations and questions can be placed without inserting them into the text of the document. See how the process works.
But more than just the manuscript, you get a style sheet.  This valuable document makes sure your manuscript is consistent throughout and adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style, the preferred style guide for fiction.
For copyediting clients, a Readablity Stats report is also provided.  This compares the orginal document with the revised document.  Items reviewed include word count, Flesch Reading Ease score, Top 5 Adverbs used, Top 5 Repeated Phrases, Top 5 Repeated Words, and Top 5 Dialog Tag Words Used.
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