After spending hours and hours
on your manuscript, you are
starting to see it in your sleep! 
Did you catch all those spelling
Time to call in some reinforcements: a
professional proofreader!
Did you remember to make
sure all the sentences end
with the correct punctuation? 
Did you get those quotation
marks in the right place?  Do
you have your then/than and
to/two/too used correctly?
Does your main character still
have the same blue eyes he
started with? Did John
become Jon? Are character
details consistent throughout
the manuscript?

A second set of eyes is an invaluable tool in editing your manuscript.  It is notoriously difficult for an author to effectively proof their own work.  Poorly written and edited manuscripts give the impression the author is an amateur, not committed to professional standards.  If you want to be taken seriously, your manuscript needs to be polished and error free.
Reasonably Priced Services:  Starting at $1.50 per page, the Atwater Group offers high-quality proofreading and editing at affordable rates.
Passion: Each project is an exciting opportunity to live in the reality conjured by creative authors like you and to contribute to your readers' enthusiasm for your characters and your worlds.
Quick Turnaround: I will work with you to ensure delivery in a reasonable time frame.
Experience:  I've worked with 90+ authors on 450+ titles. My broad knowledge base in fiction genres and commitment to continuing education provides the platform to make your manuscript shine.
Why Hire the Atwater Group?
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